Three Simple Necessities to Building Lean Muscle

These days there are so many “wonder exercises” and “super foods” being raved about and promoted for building muscle faster and bigger than ever. In reality all it requires is 3 simple but crucial steps to smash your body building targets!


Get enough sleep at night. This is when your body concentrates on repairing itself so make sure you are in bed at a reasonable time. When you exercise, small tears are created in your muscle fibers. The protein in your body repairs these tears and overlays an extra layer of fiber over the top to be stronger, faster and bigger. You should aim for 8 hours a night to ensure your body enough time to make this progress!


This is the hardest task for many. You need to eat a lot. The more the better, just one catch, it needs to be a healthy diet packed with plenty of protein. This should include fruit and vegetable for the vitamins and minerals, lean red meat,  white meat and eggs for the protein and vitamin B12, and starchy foods such as sweet potato (packed with fiber and vitamin C) and quinoa for the carbohydrates you need to sustain a stable blood suger level and to give you plenty of slow burning energy. You need to eat at least 500 more calories per day than you burn on average. This will ensure your body has enough of the right stuff to repair whilst you rest!


Do it right, lift with good form, choose your exercises wisely and do not over train! I cannot stress enough how important it is to practise good form. Its the difference between excellent results and fast or no results and injury time and time again. If you cannot lift the weight with good form, drop down a few kilos; take one step backwards in order to take two forwards! Choose your exercises wisely, this will give you better results and faster e.g doing exercise that target your biceps and triceps (upper arm muscles) are not very efficient; instead you should exercise your back and your chest which uses those arm muscle indirectly, hitting two birds with one stone! Once you reach a certain level it helps to take a look in the mirror now and again to see which part of your body may be falling behind and needs more concentration. Do not over train! Train hard and push yourself to your limits whilst at the gym and this is all you need to do. Sneaking that extra training session in when you should be resting will not do you any good, remember rest is the time that is needed for your muscle to repair after hard training and is crucial.

These 3 simple steps to a lean muscular body are all as crucial as each other, without one your progress will severely suffer, if any at all!


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